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"I first found out I have scoliosis at age 11 when I started to have back pains"

Meet @alexmyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . "At 13 I was given a boston brace but after a couple of months I stopped wearing it because it was just so uncomfortable (I bow to those of you who have managed to wear it, u rock💪🏽) . Fast forward & the pain only got worse with time so I decided to go through spinal fusion at age 23. At the time I practiced a lot of pilates and weight training which was part of the reason for my fast recovery . My surgery was successful, they fused my spine from T4-L2. It all took them 8h. Soon after, while I was still healing I discovered yoga thanks to ig but was discouraged because of my fusion.. just like many friends have told me that they didn’t believe yoga would be possible with a fused back, I thought the same back then but wanted to try anyways . It didn’t take me long to feel the benefits and doing research I discovered yoga for scoliosis. That’s when I almost regret having my fusion & decided I want to help others with scoliosis with the help of this practice . So here I am today, almost five years after my surgery, teaching yoga & yoga for scoliosis & spinal fusion 🙏 It’s been and still is a wild journey but that’s part of life I guess. You can’t always choose or change your circumstances but you can change how you look at them❤️ . In the second of my photos above you can see my scar. Only recently have I started to understand how many girls try to hide their scars in public . So many that wrote to tell me I was brave or how you still can’t find the courage to show your own scar💙 . Babe, let me tell you this Your scar is one of the best things you’ll ever wear Let it be a reminder to yourself of how strong you are Of everything you’ve been through The struggles & the pain are not to be forgotten They are what brought you here What made you grow into the person you are today Your scar is part of your story. It doesn’t make you less than anything Only more" 💙 Alex 🙏


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