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"I'm a complicated Type 1 Diabetic, living beyond Type 1 Diabetes..." .Meet @azures.positive 💚

"I can remember when I was going blind. Not the kind of blind where you need Coke bottle glasses. The kind that doesn’t permit you to see sunsets or blooming flowers anymore. I was 34 & I can still take myself back to the moment I was sitting in the bathtub wondering what life would “look”like without eyes . Then I said to myself, “I could become a yoga teacher. A blind one who truly taught you to feel into your body. Find balance within your body.” All of a sudden this rush of calm came over me. The funny thing is, I wasn’t doing yoga at the time. But somewhere in my body, I had a knowing & it felt true & put me at ease . I only lost one eye And Yoga had stayed by the wayside until seven years later when I met my friend @yogiKristy22 at her yoga retreat. During a class, she woke that bathtub memory in me. Before the retreat was over, I signed up for yoga training, became a teacher, & I now hold retreats & space for others because I want them to experience the many gifts that breathwork, meditation & asana can bring to our being in this busy world . My diabetic health improved from practicing mindfulness, meditation and breath work...I don’t go into judgment, fear or anger when things are going awry because I’m not a victim of my disease. I take a deep breath, do what I need to do and move on with my life. Just that feeling puts my whole body in a state of ease while walking through this journey. I’m in love with Yoga, I’m in love with my life 💚 . Thank you for reading. I hope to see you and hug you on a retreat someday. Until then, I’m sending light from afar. Namaste today and everyday🙏


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