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Life is a journey rather than a destination, and yoga is what gets me through the turbulence

“Hi, I'm @dae.nuh and I'm writing this beacuse Lee messaged me just now asking if I could share how #yogasavedmylife, and when I try to put it in words all I can think of is how it continues to do so. At the precise moment he messaged I sit here writing in the airport waiting on a two hour delayed flight, shoving my essential oil roller so far up my nostril I’m probably poking my brain, all I can think about is the irony of timing, and laugh. It’s almost as if he knew I needed to put things into perspective for myself! . As many people do, I battle some ugly anxiety. It wasn’t until I truly began practicing yoga that I was able to confront this fact, admit it out loud, and face it head on. I’ve always told friends and family that yoga was my therapy, my Sunday church, my “me time”, but what I realize more every day how much it impacts my day to day actions . . In life’s most challenging moments I focus mostly on counting the hours in between sessions, and the lessons learned in my meditation are what carry me the next . My poses aren’t perfect, my body isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but what I find in myself when I’m in my moving and out of my head is invaluable. Nowadays this practice has been romanticized and became popular, because yeah, it looks pretty cool, but for the past six years it has been SO much more than that for me . I don’t normally share my practice because I am by no means the most Gumby like lady, and I usually like keep my introspection to myself, but this particular session was a pretty special one. Yoga has taught me patience, physical and emotional balance, and how to breath through the tough stuff . Life is of course, a journey rather than a destination, and yoga is what gets me through the turbulence 🙏 . Dana 💚


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