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Meet Hannah @findequanimity sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I was first introduced to yoga when I was 18, practicing with a Barbara Currie video with my Mum in our living room...(shows you how long ago that was!) & I didn’t connect with it at all at the time"

. "Years later I moved to Sydney, I turned into a Bikram yoga junkie, every morning without fail at 6am, I pounded my body in the constant battle to look good on the beach . After living the Sydney dream for 9 years, I had to return to London after my Dad had a stroke. Now living at home with Mum, I had no job, very few friends and now single but I was adamant, I would be back on my feet in no time, replicating my once fabulous Sydney life . Seven months later I was was still without a job, interview after interview I started to become desperate. I kept saying ‘I will be happy when I get a job’, ‘everything will be fine when I move back to London’ but what I didn’t know was that I was subconsciously pushing it away . I felt so lost I needed to get away so I escaped on a goddess yoga retreat to Ibiza. It was here that yoga changed my life . I spent the first few days crying, I had been carrying so many limiting beliefs for years, always battling with my body shape and not being good enough. @kirsty_gallagher_ now a dear friend, helped me find acceptance and reminded me to be grateful for all I had around me. Each day I grew stronger, Kirsty themed each morning practice with a goddess, it was the power of Durga I felt the biggest shift, as we roared in lions breaths, tears of sadness turned to happy ones . On the last day we went to the beach for the first sunrise of the summer solstice, I jumped under a wave and said to myself ‘everything is going to be ok’, it was the start of a new day and a new, more accepting, me . I had been surrounded by women all fighting their own battles and it was yoga that brought us together, it healed us and helped us to go back into the real world and shine bright ☀️ . Hannah 🙏 .


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