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Meet @hayleystatter sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Yoga initially helped me manage my ongoing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms and bouts of depression. What began as a compliment to running in my early 20s quickly turned into my antidote for a hectic London life. I had stressful jobs in events and marketing, and yoga helped me de-stress and find balance. It was such a great way to calm my mind and separate myself from the hedonistic lifestyle I was living" . . . "Then in my mid 20s things got really bad. I was dealing with an emotionally abusive relationship breakdown, a return of my ever-present depression, bad health problems, severe CFS symptoms & deep confidence issues, as well as a very stressful job . Yoga became my sanctuary and I found myself drawn to it daily as a way to cope. It helped me feel at peace with myself and accept all that had happened to bring me to where I was and how I was feeling . I felt myself getting stronger emotionally and physically. I realised I wanted others to see how much yoga could help them, so I did my teacher training in 2016 and travelled with my teaching before settling back in the UK . While travelling I experienced a trauma that knocked me back and for a while I lost my way with yoga and with myself. But I slowly came back to it, and yet again it helped me return to myself. I try to bring yoga to whoever needs it, in whatever way I can, because I know it saved my life more than once. I still struggle with depression, CFS and confidence issues, but I always come back to and it always brings me back to who I am . Yoga is never something to complete, I think it is something that needs to thread through your whole life to keep you grounded in yourself 🙏


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