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Meet @intentional_devotion sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"13 Years Ago I Woke Up At 5am & Went To Work & Sustained Substantial Injury To My Physical Body, Which In Hindsight, Was The Catalyst For The Most Fulfilling Journey & Healing Of My Energetic Body" . "In This Time Of Pain & Struggle, I Was Told Very Aggressively By An Elder In The Medical Profession That My Body Would Never Do Simple Things Again. I was told specifically that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms over my head, that I wouldn’t be able to touch my toes, that I' d have to learn to live with pain - I was labeled as ‘disabled’ - pharmaceutical medication & abstaining from activities such as yoga, swimming & strength training was the recommended path . I left the prescription slip on his desk after he left his office by slamming the door in my face as I was walking behind him when i innocently challenged his limiting beliefs of my ability to heal . I found a new Dr & was prescribed to a physical therapist that guided me through a slow + gentle series of exercises which essentially, were yoga postures. I had never done yoga previously & my range of mobility was so incredibly limited even though naturally I am hyper mobile - movement felt so intense for my body that I would cry from mental exhaustion reflecting at my bodies inability to move without tormenting me . . Little by little I overcame & strengthened - from the inside out - firstly the mental hurdles, because it was vital to believe & know that it was possible : secondly the body followed . Intuitively I Knew; “Everything Is Possible” (even if everything is not probable) . Compare not your practice, ability or obstacles to another’s.. so much of the journey is always unknown . 13 Years Later Here I Am - Waking Up At 5am To Practice Ashtanga Without Pain - Without Limiting Beliefs . Words Are Impactful -Plant Seeds Of Encouragement & Kindness- They Can Potentially Save A Life . May Compassion Guide The Way, Always . Potential Via Discipline ♥️ .


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