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Meet @jennie_videalv sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 🙏

"Suddenly my body just said stop & shut down. I couldn't talk, walk or remember my own social security number. Weeks of despair & fear of what I was facing, I lay motionless and slept away about 20 hours a day. Mental health in the form of burnout syndrome, depression & panic disorder had damaged my body to the extent that it shut down in pure self-preservation. The doctor called it severe brain fatigue. All caused by horrible overtime demands, bullying & weak leadership roles for something that I called “the dream job” . "Last summer I ran 5-6 times a week & was marathon trained. Today I can't even run 3 km without having brain mist for days. The doctor has rightly advised me not to run indefinitely. Therefore I'm so enormously grateful that I`ve found the healing power of yoga. There`s no mold to fit and there's no prerequisites. Just be what you're doing best, be you. I`m not super flexible, can't do a handstand, loses balance in most balance postures but I`m still Ridiculously newly in love with Yoga. It was my husband who advised me to start with yoga to calm down my stressed inner & get in touch with the right breathing technique. At first I tried a Mediyoga class, then Hatha yoga. But now lately I prefer practicing yoga at home on my own with more elements of strength & balance. . Yoga strengthens both my body and mind, it heals & calms. With the help of yoga, I have become painless from the pain that were in my back and hips. It gives me better thoughts and cleans out what isn`t my burden to bear & strengthens my self-esteem again. For me, health is about find an inner well-being, where I feel balance in my body. The fact that I perform yoga every day is about maintaining both inner and outer strength. When my body feels good, the reward comes in a prosperous mind and soul. . 8 months ago I couldn't walk or talk, today in a good day I can do 30 minutes of yoga. I have a long way to go in my healing process, with stubbornness I`ve come a long way on the road. I own my body, it doesn't own me"


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