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Meet Jordan sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words 💚

"For much of my life, I had a hard time understanding the emotions of others. If someone was sad or angry or even joyful, I could logically understand what was happening, I could even say the right words, but my ability to feel what others were feeling, & not coincidentally what I was feeling, was severely underdeveloped. I felt like a ghost" . . "I started my yoga practice in 2014 as a favor to my wife, who had been wanting to improve her flexibility but didn't want to do it alone. I expected it to go like any other fitness class: I would sweat, then I would be done. A passionless transaction . To my surprise, my first few classes were bursting with feelings: embarrassment, fear, weakness, sure; but also triumph, peace, and love. Every class became a lesson in how to release pent up tension in my body, repressed emotion in my soul, in a beautiful and constructive way. I began to know myself, and therefore began to love myself . When I started teaching yoga, I saw that I could do for others what my teachers had done for me. Through compassionate touch, reading faces, listening to energy, I realized I could know my students, and therefore love them. And in time, help them to love themselves . No longer a ghost, I too can breathe in the life-giving love that surrounds us all 🙏"


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