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Meet @josejosef_joey sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words💚

"Lost in the abyss known as life...

Sinking, sinking, gasping for air...

Will the light ever bathe my soul again?

Confusion, sorrow, & angst fill the mind, trapped inside of it's own prison.

“How long have I been here? How may I be free?”


For years, I knew nothing but emotional struggle. Doctors filled my body with scripts, surefire ways to heal. Family reassures me this is normal, for the best.

Friends encourage the delusion with drugs & self-sabotage


Rebel! How may I destroy the status quo?!

How may I shift the paradigm?

Constantly seeking salvation, the purest glimpse of hope offered an adolescent by an intellectual in a high school classroom:

Yoga, an ancient philosophy


Entranced by the wisdom, yet seemingly “not viable”, I wade through the motions of life, practicing only when necessary


On & off with practice.

Gasping air, kissing the light, only fleeting moments, then, the slow usual submergence into void reappears


LOVER!!! Come save me! I've forgotten how to swim!


The world outside offered no resolve. I had gotten used to drowning.

lovers left. A career filled with passion left my body with shattered vertebrae.

Universe telling me to redirect; healed and blessed to walk.

The search painted endless sorrow freckled with fleeting moments of basal joy. Soul getting closer, yet still no resolve

. “Why?! I’m listening!” .

Finally, body hits sea floor.

Peace found in the utter chaos; Coldness becomes me; Resting in the darkness; I am void of light


Suicide, becomes more palpable; an option to return to the light in which the soul came

. “My family... What am I to do?! How am I to cope?!”

Surrender, the stronger option




The only thing that has not let me down.

The only lover always there to tend my wounds.

This is The Path. No more time searching, only surrendering;

Healing my heart;

Seeing the Self;

Consistently working towards True Happiness


It’s always been here, just need remove the layers.

Now, “I” am found


Allow me to be a vessel, let me tend to those whom have gotten used to drowning


Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya"


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