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Meet Karla @kash.verve sharing her story with us. These are her words 💚

"I feel fairly new to yoga, so when Lee asked me about a write up for #yogasavedmylife I wasn't sure. I felt so under qualified to have someone that created this amazing community reaching out to me. I also felt my story didn't run as deep as the stories I was reading. I replied saying I'm not certified; I'm just me practicing yoga at home. I understand now that part of Lee's vision in this community is not yoga qualifications or comparison – it’s about reflecting on how yoga created a new connection to the self" . "So I reflected, I wrote a write up, and sent it. I wrote my story in as many details as the word count would allow. Days later I started feeling that as healing as that writing process was for me, if my words were going to be shared, I wanted to direct my energy on what I feel now instead of focusing on the moments a give, give, give relationship with a family member finally broke me . I imagined that many could relate to the details of the story, but I wanted to give more energy to my after experience – after a silent room no longer caused panic, after I started to be able to tune back into what my children and husband were saying, after I understood more about that mind body connection through yoga . I didn’t just find physical and mental strength because of yoga, I suddenly found myself immersed in a supportive community that openly provides knowledge and motivation to keep growing . I found inspiration from people around the world. Social media has its drawbacks, but when you look for the benefits you find connection, collaboration, creativity...I could go on and on! I'm grateful to this community 🙏 . I don’t consider myself a yogi; I might not be doing things the right way; I’ve learned mantras and body positioning from IG challenges and incredible hosts who are so generous with sharing knowledge - I’m learning more through books. I’m just me practicing yoga at home, but through all this I feel what yoga has brought into my life and I’m so appreciative for the community that made it more accessible to me and for my decision to begin 💚 Karla" .


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