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Meet Kayleigh @newearthyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"For most of my life I suffered with ill health, I have joint hyper-mobility syndrome; undiagnosed coeliac disease, as I wasn’t receiving nutrients with a damaged gut I developed; an autoimmune thyroid condition, pre cancerous cells & also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & suffered with constant reoccurring infections in the throat, sinuses & spleen... amongst others" . "My yoga journey started as a teenager, I first stepped in to a Yoga asana class with a traditional teacher and it successfully managed to both bring me in to my body and help me escape from it at the same time . Yoga has definitely saved my life, when I didn’t practice, I would become depressed, I would allow myself to be consumed by a vicious circle of being unwell, suffering and hiding from pain with alcohol, drugs or other methods of avoiding my truth. My yoga practice led me on a path of healing, a path to a vegan diet, a path to meditation and a path to peace and with the combination of these I am well, I no longer have a thyroid disorder, I have no symptoms of fibromyalgia and no chronic fatigue . I believe a yoga practice is a path to self awareness, I’m not Kayleigh suffering with another illness: I’m an expression of pure awareness and finding a connection to that has forced me to face the pain. Instead of trying to hide from it, or numb the experience, I have looked pain in the eye and figured out how to face it, explore it and heal myself . Physically Yoga asana has healed my body, mentally my yoga practice has brought me peace and generally it’s made me a happier, healthier and more kind and compassionate person. When things become unstable, coming to Yoga is like coming home . I believe Yoga is a healing scientific system designed to elevate human consciousness, I now teach yoga classes and I’m extremely conscious of including all the aspects of Yoga not just Asana in to my teachings. What an amazing job just to introduce people to something that can heal them, something that can help them, & something that can offer them a path to a healthy body and healthy mind


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