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Meet Signe @yoga_sunflower_journal sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words

"In 2014, my life changed drastically from one day to another. I was in an accident and was left with a traumatic brain injury, whiplash and chronic pain

The first couple of years I was imprisoned in my bed, and I couldn’t walk in the street without passing out because of all the sensory input. I couldn’t talk properly, read, write, run, walk or do everyday stuff like going to the supermarket, taking the bus or stand up while taking a shower. I had a chronic headache for 4 years: 24/7 every single day I was in so much pain. That was until I discovered yoga

. 🌻

Yoga helped me travel into a place in my mind, spirit & soul I had never visited before. All the layers that used to define me as a person (my job, my house, my gymnastics, my income etc) had been peeled off, and I was left with my inner core. And for the first time in my life I felt I was enough. Yoga gives me back my strength and power. The physical strength it gives me plants an even deeper mental strength in my mind


Before the accident I was an elite gymnast trying to be the best all the time. Today I’m a yogi trying to feel my best and do good for others and myself all the time


I can honestly say that yoga saved my life. Not only does it continue to take away my pain, it made me find the essence of myself. It made me discover so much depth and for the first time in my life I was communicating with my soul. It was like it had been waiting for me to come back home after I had lost myself in this accelerating society of ours 🌻

I still have headaches every day. But every time I’m on that yoga mat it totally disappears. It’s like my soul says: “This is where you’re supposed to be, and everything will turn out just the way it’s supposed to”. Yoga made me trust life and its flow again ❤️


I call myself Sunflower here as my main goal is to let the light in and always remember to turn my face towards the sun - just like the sunflower does 🌻💚 Signe"


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