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Meet trauma informed yoga teacher @yoginijulie sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us.

"In times of trauma, like a sexual assault, you don’t think clearly and you don’t file memories correctly all the time. There are things I can't remember -- and things I'll never forget

I remember what I was wearing -- a baggy sweatshirt, and jeans. It was a weeknight, and we were going to watch a movie. As I relaxed with my feet up on my friend's couch, he brought me a tall, fizzy, orange-flavored drink. Then it’s all a blank -- until I woke up later on his bed. He was on top of me. I registered what was happening, but paralyzed and terrified, I passed out again


I drove back to my apartment later, called my parents, and moved home. The police wouldn't even take my story. I talked to my therapist, and that was helpful, but I still struggled with anxiety attacks and bouts of severe depression. But then I found what would change me forever -- yoga


It started as simple exercises, then become a daily practice of meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, and reconnecting with my body.I hated my body -- I wanted to escape it, to hide away and live in my head


Trauma-sensitive yoga, however, teaches how to be gentle with yourself, to be in the moment, and find that comfort and healing once again. It was absolutely life-changing for me. I even reached a point where I was able to forgive my attacker, inside myself, and stop the cycle of hate. I studied TSY as much as I could, and became a certified teacher. Now I am thrilled to be able to help and guide other women on their own path to healing. I truly feel this is my purpose in life


It happened to me too, like it happens to too many others. But nobody took anything away from me. I’m still whole and I’m complete. And now, with yoga as a tool and a lifestyle, I'm stronger than ever before 🙏 Julie


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