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Meet @yenifers.santos sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words. 

"Anxiety, stress, worry, low self-confidence, limiting beliefs were my dominant feelings at one point in my life, pushing me to breaking point, until I felt desperate to find a way of taking control of these emotions drowning me"

"Freedom, strength, self-love, present moment awareness: these are now the dominant feelings in my life, and yoga and meditation are what saved me from the anxiety & stress . . I attended mindfulness classes, I meditated regularly and I got lost in the beautiful practice of yoga . . I had no idea the amount of profound realizations and positive changes yoga would bring in to my life. I was becoming more strong and flexible, this was expected. However, becoming more confident, more at peace, more accepting of myself and my flaws – this was not expected . . I grew so passionate about yoga, mindfully exploring in nature and having fun taking artistic yoga photos… this small hobby of mine lead to a life changing decision to resign from my safe and secure office job, leave my apartment, pack my life into a backpack and venture off to travel the world as a nomad. I finally felt that I was being true to my deepest desires and allowing myself the time and space I craved to explore my passions. It saved my life . . New and wonderful opportunities have opened themselves up to me on this journey so far, and as a person I have grown and learnt so much already, who knows where life may lead me next… yoga training in India, becoming a mindfulness coach, teaching around the world, opening a retreat center... the possibilities are limitless and yoga has given me the confidence in myself to believe that these things can become a reality, that life is meant to be enjoyable and it doesn’t have to feel like hard work . . I hope some day to teach this practice to others on a grand scale, so that it can touch the hearts of others in the way it touched mine ❤️


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