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Meet Yoga Cop Denisha @deeprice1990 sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words

"I was suicidal when I first discovered yoga while at the lowest point in my life. I was going through a breakup, a lot was going on at work, and I was not happy with the way life was going" . "I first tried yoga on June 26, 2018 while on duty. I decided to attend a community yoga and sound healing session while on my lunch break. What did I have to lose? I was searching for any tools I could utilize to save my life. I knew I wanted to be healthy, whole, and at peace . During my short life, I dealt with sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse. I was judged and condemned by society and even loved ones. I was looked down upon and discriminated against due to my sexuality. Once opening up to yoga, things were totally different. Yoga helped me in my life because I finally knew what it meant to feel safe. Yoga doesn't discriminate and the mat doesn't discriminate. I could be my authentic self. Yoga helped me turn my hurt and pain into power and motivation to be a healthier version of me . Yoga has transformed me into a more peaceful and loving individual outside of the uniform but most importantly while I'm in uniform. The perception of the police officer isn’t the best in today's society . There are breathing techniques that I've learned from yoga, and I use them while on duty if I encounter a stressful situation. I tend to be more gracious to citizens if they make mistakes. I tend to give second chances because I am human and I know I will be in need of grace and mercy . Yoga has completely changed the way I carry myself. Yoga gives me a sense of belonging and being in this world. Yoga is a tool that God used to save my life. Yoga is a self-care lifestyle that I use to maintain my mental health and wellness. Yoga is my release; where I get replenished when I feel depleted. Yoga is a well-kept gem that everyone should experience and keep as a tool throughout life . God and yoga is where this warrior gets her strength and the power to overcome all obstacles, trials, and tribulations in life. Yoga is life" 🙏 .


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