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"My Yoga mat was the first place I felt empowered"

Meet Hannah Carolyn Jenkins @hannahs.frames sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤ . . "I was holding so tightly onto anger & certain limiting beliefs & my mat was where I began to break through them" . . Yoga was the entry into all of my healing. It gave me patience and trust in the process of healing through therapy and meditation and coaching . . One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my practice is that there is simply no rushing the body. I found surrender. There is no substitute for consistent practice over time: this applies to asana, to letting go, to forgiving and loving myself, to choosing to connect . . Mindfulness, this moving meditation... I started to get clear on when I’m having a reaction: when my mind kicks in with stories & I reflexively berate myself or put up walls; when I’m triggered by another person instead of going off on them I can calm and take a breath and choose a conscious response instead of being in a reactive state . . The power of intention The power of commitment and practice. The beauty of breath and the space it creates . . My mat was the first place I felt empowered, the first place I felt myself release myself from those negative stories & bitterness . . What I’ve seen in myself on the mat has given me confidence to go after what I want in life with hunger and passion, trusting in the universe and the path I’m on . . Yoga connected me to my body, and my body taught me how to feel and act intuitively instead of overthinking over analyzing and ending up paralyzed by anxiety anyways . . Connecting to my body also led me to treating it better . . Yoga saved my life ❤🙏" . 📸@garrettroth


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