We love you @robynchilders 💚 Thank You for all that you do 🙏

Nothing could make me happier than this story by a treasured friend of @fierce_calm who has previously shared her #yogasavedmylife story with us & inspired & supported us ever since. She is the very definition of Fierce Calm & these are her words today 💚 . . "This picture was taken at Welcome Home Yoga & Wellness, a donation-based studio @welcomehomeyoga which opened its doors yesterday & was born from the dream of an unwell person who was struggling to find healing. On a thread of intuition—the idea that yoga was the solution—this person immersed themself in a YTT program 6 years ago. With no intention of teaching yoga, acting on the tiniest seed of faith, they dove head first into this ancient spiritual practice . . On the first night of teacher training, feeling more than overwhelmed, this student sat down with their teacher and confided that they were very ill, in the grips of active addiction, suffering from debilitating injuries related to a severe auto accident and also horribly shell shocked from the recent suicide of their mother. The student explained that they weren’t sure why they felt that yoga would save them, but they had a powerful sense that it would be the only way they might find integration & experience lasting transformation. —————————————————————— The master teacher of the school sat quietly, holding space for the student, without any interruption. When the student finished speaking, there was a long pause. Nervous & halfway expecting that they were about to be dismissed from the program, the student was just about to move to get up, when the teacher very softly said, “Welcome Home. You are in the right place.” That night was the beginning of the student’s healing journey. —————————————————————— That yoga student was ME @robynchilders That master yoga teacher was Jonny Kest @centerforyoga —————————————————————— My teacher likes to say, “You’ve received the gift of yoga. And now that you’ve received this gift, it must be shared.” So, now I say to you & anyone searching for this healing practice... WELCOME HOME. 🙏💜🧘‍♂ . We love you @robynchilders 💚 Thank You for all that you do 🙏 .