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"As a survivor of childhood abuse & trauma, I’d developed the habit of tuning out my body"

Meet @ashtanga_allison sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "I began practicing yoga after an extended period of debilitating back pain. The physical aspects of the practice certainly helped to bring my body into greater balance, but even more beneficial were the mental and emotional impacts of yoga" . As a survivor of abuse & trauma, I’d developed the habit of tuning out my body, & in retrospect, I see that the more I tuned out, the louder my body screamed in the form of pain. When I started a yoga practice, it was the first time I’d ever really tuned into my body. It really was as if I were inhabiting my own skin for the very first time . It wasn’t an easy process, this coming home to myself, and I’d encourage anyone going through a similar process to have the support of a therapist as I did. There were times when certain poses would trigger old trauma, and I’d find myself reliving aspects of my childhood that I’d tried to push away. But as I tuned into my body, my mental patterns, and my emotions, my back pain faded. It’s now—thankfully—a thing of the past . I still live with fibromyalgia, but I now use pain as a reminder to go inward, for which yoga is one of my greatest tools. The asanas are a gateway to an inner landscape, which is begging to be recognized 💚 Allison" .


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