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"I tried to kill myself when I failed to get into my college of choice"

Meet Ajoke @cloudspin_ sharing her ##yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "I was 15 when I finished high school, I come from a family of academics and when I didn't get into my college of choice. I sank into depression, the year that followed, I still couldn't get into college based on merits alone so I tried to kill myself . I was young and my whole world revolved around getting into college and studying something fancy like everyone else in my family. luckily my plan didn't work and my mom decided to send me to my uncle's for a while, on my way there I got into an accident that left me with chronic back pain . The doctor advised that I tried yoga, so I downloaded a video off YouTube and here we are 6years later. I got certified as a fashion designer, I did my 200HRS YTT, I'm a part time yoga teacher, the only one in my state in Nigeria. And I'm about to finish college! . My life took a turn that I didn't plan for, but looking back it prepared me for a more wholesome path 🙏 . Yoga kept me alive, saved me from pain, and helped me deal with setbacks. I wouldn't be here otherwise if it wasn't for that! . Now all I want to do is share this gift with the world.... And I will 💚 .


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