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It wasn't until I took up the practice of yoga and mindfulness that I found true relief

"I think a lot about the things that have saved my life. When you’re a survivor of sexual violence, you begin to understand the severity of the issue. Some make it, others do not — it is the real life magnitude of sexual assault" . This is Maggie @mgehlsen founder of @trauma_queens a community to 'help those suffering from PTSD or trauma-related issues to take back their bodies and reclaim their minds'. We're so grateful she came forward to support #yogasavedmylife. These are her words ❤ "Yoga, My family, my closest friends, my meditation practice, writing, movement. Each of these things played a role in saving me 🙏 As a survivor of sexual violence, when I was told a couple of years ago that my symptoms were aligned with that of "post-traumatic stress disorder," I felt damaged beyond repair. I felt incapable. I felt impaired It wasn't until I took up the practice of yoga and mindfulness that I found true relief from any kind of PTSD symptoms. My panic attacks became less frequent, my chest became less tight, and I felt like my breathing was no longer being constricted at all hours of the day. I once heard a saying that pain does something to you that just wakes you up. It's true -- I woke up everyday to panic, fear, sadness, & worry. Worry that I would die. Worry that my family members would die. Worry that I'd fall flat on my face simply walking to class (no, seriously). Fear. All the time. But sure enough, as I continued fighting for the things I deep down knew I deserved, I felt more and more alive, and more and more able to breathe again. • No matter what situation you’re in or what you’ve been through, you’ve probably had something that has saved you. Maybe it was others standing up & saying “me too.” Maybe it was yoga. Maybe it was a person, or a place, or a feeling. No matter what it was, I’m so happy & grateful you’re here" If you are also a survivor, Maggie would love to hear from you


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