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Meet @aineavenue sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I toyed around with the yoga lifestyle on and off my whole life but it wasn’t until I had my first big bout of depression that I started to take my practice more seriously

I was training to be a dancer in a competitive London school. I had moved from a small village in Ireland to the big city of London and I started to feel very alone


The pressure of the showbiz industry got to me. I’m a very emotional person and the constant rejection and anger chipped away my positive perspective on life


My depression and anxiety became too much to bear, I dropped out of training and took up an office job. I was miserable and had no emotional or creative outlet


My fiancé suggested that I up my meditation and yoga practice (dancing brought back too many negative emotions). Yoga helped me enormously, I practiced twice daily as a way to cope with the stress my hideous office job.

Yoga made me realise my self worth. It introduced me to the healing power of meditation, crystals and veganism


I quit my terrible office job.

I moved back to the tranquillity of Ireland.

I began teaching ballet to grateful, enthusiastic children


I’ve started a creative writing degree.

Yoga opened my eyes to the value of self care, it has healed me in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.

I’m happy now.

I’m creative again.

I’m embracing my inner child.

I’m calm.

Yoga has saved my life 🙏"


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