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Meet Andrea @afterdawnyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤

"From the age of 12 I HATED myself. I hated every inch of my body. The more I hated it, the more I tried NOT to eat, the more I ate" . Fad diets, abusive behavior (cutting, drugs, negative relationships) defined my teenage years into my 20’s. I held it together enough to “look” like I was “OK.” I had a Master’s degree in Education, a good teaching job, a boyfriend, a home, etc. But I was not “OK” & tired of pretending. After my 7 year relationship ended, I dove into anorexia. Eventually dropping down to 85 lbs, losing hair, no period, no energy, & what felt like no reason to live. A tailbone injury forced me into a yoga class because every other form of exercise hurt . . What I found in that little yoga studio was much more than “exercise.” The owner & teacher stressed Breath & Meditation & paid a lot of attention to me. For the first time in my life I heard “truth.” A message that I was enough, & that my heart was good: so different from the messages I received from the religion that I was exposed to....which made me feel bad, a sinner, like I could never be good enough. (Not that yoga has to be a religion, but it is for me personally) . . That teacher encouraged me to sign up for teacher training...& the rest is history. I never in a million years thought I could teach adults (I taught Kindergarten), but after teaching my fist class, I was 100% sure that THIS was what I was meant to do. Teaching makes me feel ALIVE & connected and like I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose . . Yoga gave me the courage to leave it all, the eating disorder, the 10 year teaching career, the Home I built, & the life of comfort I was used to. I moved to the Caribbean & started teaching yoga full time. I embraced my passion to create: starting my jewelry business & lifestyle brand Afterdawn: A FEELING, AN AWAKENING, A RENEWAL OF SPIRIT, OF HOPE, OF PURPOSE. I believe this is possible through the practice of YOGA & my life’s purpose is to evolve this awakening in myself & inspire others the same . . My message, the close to my classes: YOU are Beautiful, YOU are whole, YOU are ENOUGH" .


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