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Meet @carolinaledesmayoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Yoga helped me to heal from anxiety & depression. It was the best tool for me to be able to process my childhood traumas"

And "I grew up in a very comfortable environment with my mum her brothers & sisters & my beautiful grandma. I met my father when I was 10 years old & from that day until I found yoga I lived in a constant state of alert. I learnt to live in my head because living my reality was too hard for me .

Later on I was adopted by my beloved untie and her husband who took care of me like real parents .

But, subconsciously, I started living to please them in return for their “good job”. I strove to be the perfect daughter, never saying no, the good student, the good lawyer (because that's what they wanted) & so on, living the life that I was supposed to live in order to not disappoint anybody. The truth is that I wasn’t being honest with myself


Two years ago, aged 28, I started having the worst panic attacks ever. I was in terrible despair, struggling with my traumas & with all those emotions that I once repressed & ignored. So I immersed myself in yoga more than ever before


Through feeling my body & not pushing back against the anxiety symptoms (physical, emotional & mental) my nervous system started finding rebalance. And so I healed


Thanks to that healing process I became a yoga teacher & now find my happiness helping other souls heal from anxiety 💚


Yoga brought me back to life 🙏



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