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Meet @katiedelimon sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"My long-winded journey with Yoga wouldn’t have started without my long-winded journey to meditation. In 2013, a year after my mom passed away, I found myself burnt out and boozed up in a city I loved but didn’t always love me back. New York"


"So, I bought a one way to ticket Hawaii & 7 months & 7 countries later found myself in Thailand at a 7 day silent mediation retreat. I ended up there purely by a moment of “grace.” I was robbed on a beach in Vietnam, & left with absolutely no money. All alone with nowhere to go, it was here that in some of my darkest times, I found my way to incredible light


I still didn’t do yoga or get why people did. I grew up believing that a work out wasn’t worth it if you weren’t sweating, losing weight & almost puking by the end of it so I resisted Yoga after trying it a few times. I considered it glorified stretching & I didn’t “need that.” .

It wasn’t until I lived at The Sivananda Ashram in 2015 where I was required, as a Karma Yogi, to do 2 hours of Yoga every day. I complained how much I hated it especially those horrible pointless breathing exercises, until one day towards the end of my 4 months stay, I realized yoga was a “work in,” not a “work out.” I was fascinated by the philosophy & mind body connection. I couldn’t believe I'd been breathing wrong my entire life


My love & deeper understanding didn’t flourish until I finished my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 aged 31. Now I can’t imagine life without it & I’m in the best physical shape in my life without doing anything BUT Yoga. It’s funny how much the ego fights for our limitations


Speaking of ego, I no longer take that judgmental inner critic voice so serious thanks to Yoga. I’ve learned it’s not about getting anything, it’s really about undoing everything. Yoga combined with my daily meditation practice has truly saved my life from addictions, mental health issues, stored trauma, & more. It has allowed me to align with my highest most authentic self" 🙏


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