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Meet Lana'i @shimmybone sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words💚

"My father was battling cancer. It was so hard to see a man that was literally a ball of energy become fragile & in need of our assistance. It was hard to see him suffer, not so much the pain & discomfort, but seeing him have so much zeal inside just disappear

I hadn't made the connection that moving my body and exercise might help me cope mentally.

The reason that I got into health + fitness at first was because of a bet I did with two friends: the - “Let’s see who can get the fittest by March!” type of bet 😅

Well... what started as a bet became my source of passion and haven of peace in such a difficult time in my family’s life. •

I began to start dabbling with Yoga here & there and NOW everything makes so much sense


Yoga helped me accept things.

I didn’t know much about the practice but I knew that my mind needed it... especially after the really hard days


Yoga was a different way to get my frustration out.

It taught me TO CRY. It taught me to feel the weakness + the pain my heart carried in such an empowering way. It helped me cope. .

If you know your thoughts are all over the place and you find yourself restless, maybe try to practice some stillness. Breathe.


Our mind’s need stillness to process big things and sometimes our minds will need help to find that stillness


And there's different ways to find that space, that stillness. Maybe it will look like writing, singing, or art/photography. Maybe it is working out, working on your car, or going to the beach. Breathe. It can all be yoga


Whatever that is that helps you cope... do it. For me it was yoga.

Find what you love. Feel it. Every moment & let it heal you 🙏🏻


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