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Meet @sophiedearyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"I never thought I was someone who suffered from mental health having a best friend who suffered really badly with depression growing up"

. "I never thought of insomnia as a mental health problem more as just a fact of my life. I grew up with my Dad being very ill with cancer & so having seen someone suffer so much I never thought of even trying to tackle my sleeping problems I just thought I had to suck it up . . Cut to 14 years of really poor sleep & a job that had taken over my life, I got signed off work after a terrible patch of no sleep for 72 hours. My doctor told me I had anxiety & that I needed to take some steps to sort shit out! The next week I was in therapy, I was seeing psychiatrist for sleeping pills (we discussed anti-depressants but we decided sleeping pills might help first) I was sorting out my tummy problems through a dietician & a gastroenterologist... I was also practicing SO MUCH YOGA! . . I started to read books on how to help my sleep, my anxiety, my mood.... but so many things were so programmed in my way of thinking that it has taken 3 years to get where I am now . I am not perfect, I still have sleepless nights & bouts of anxiety but I am sleeping the best I have slept since the age of 15 & I feel the happiest I have been in a long time - not due to anything happening around me or any of my achievements but just because I like myself so much more than I used to . My happiness has come from me changing my thoughts towards myself. I have done the work, I still continue to do the work, I still speak to my wonderful therapist every now & then.... I am so appreciative for the journey, for all those around me who have helped, for those who have inspired me & I am most appreciative for me being me and sorting out my SHIZ! . My body confidence has also grown as I worked on my mental health. As cheesy as this sounds, I have learnt to love myself from the inside & that has helped with the outside too.•Yoga has been a huge part of this 🙏 . The thing is, we all struggle at times, and the thing I want everyone to know is, You are not alone 💚 Sophie" . . 📸@yogaandphoto


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