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Meet @thewanderlife_yogi sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Almost two years ago I ended up having a massive anxiety attack. I had so many drastic changes happening in my life at the time & I think my body finally caught up to it all and it hit me all at once

Two years ago I started this practice & in all honesty, it changed my life. Not only did it help with my anxiety but it allowed me to finally begin to understand myself, to love myself before anyone or anything else, to know my strengths and be okay with my weaknesses


The reason people come to yoga are always different, but the reason for staying is usually the same. The practice of yoga changed my life. I started yoga 2 years ago because I suffered from anxiety, I lacked confidence, my mind always felt like it was moving 792827 thousand miles a minute


After coming to my mat and taking a moment to really connect to myself, really understand myself and listen to myself... I knew it was something I needed to make a part of my routine. After practicing yoga for these past 2 years I can definitely say it’s helped me to slow down when I need to slow down. It’s helped me open my eyes and my mind to the things around me. I couldn’t be more grateful for my practice


It’s something you have to experience whole heartedly, to fully understand. Like I said, people come to the practice for different reasons. But the reason for staying - it changes your life. ❤️ forever grateful


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