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My name is @jennie.susanne and this is my #yogasavedmylife story

"15 months ago my body suddenly just said stop & shut down. I couldn't talk, walk or remember my own social security number. My husband carried me & drove me to the emergency room.

Weeks & months of despair & fear of what I was facing, I lay motionless & slept about 20 hours a day


. 'The dreamjob' had damaged my body to the extent that it shut down in pure self-preservation. The doctor called it 'severe brain fatigue'


My job was a very stressful workplace were I was the target horrible daily bullying, humiliation, micro-management & constant overtime demands


I ignored the warning signs, because I wanted to believe I could cope, I felt like I was dealing with things. It was hard though, I was drowning in emotional stress. I kept thinking I just needed more coffee & everything should be fine. Or so I thought! .

But after a couple of months, the stress started to take apits toll. I was sleepless worrying at night, my mind was overactive & I felt depleted. Coffee didn't work!! I did however feel inflammatory signs such as hormone changes, reduced immunity, pain, nausea, low mood & hairloss


It was actually my husband who advised me to start with yoga to calm down my stressed inner & get in touch with the right breathing technique.

I'm so enormously grateful that I`ve found the healing power of yoga. There`s no mold to fit & there's no prerequisites. Just be what you're doing best, be you.


At first during my healing process I did put a lot time into worrying & generally concerning myself with things that didn’t really serve me best. But to be able to heal, move forward & move on as a whole human being, I have finally chosen to forgive myself


Just over a year ago I couldn't walk or talk, today in a good day I can do 30 minutes of yoga. I have a long way to go in my healing process, with stubbornness I`ve come a long way on the road. I own my body, it doesn't own me."



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