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My name is Katie @lifespark_holistic & this is my #yogasavedmylife story 💚

"My journey to literally falling onto the mat over 10 years ago starts with a young girl who wanted to save the world. I became a social worker, but after 5 years I was a mixture of the caseloads that I was carrying while trying to heal my own trauma via therapy & medication.


I'd heard yoga might help. So I purchased me a $20 yoga mat put on some sweats & headed to my first yoga class

I rolled out my mat & for the next 60 mins, despite joining a level 2 ASHTANGA class (not beginner friendly!) I fell in love with the energy, the movement and the thought that on this $20 mat that I could be & do anything unapologetic in form.

I fell in love, sign sealed & namaste!


Across the next 4 years, I would come to my mat in the studio 3x a week & home practice of 3x a week. I navigated my trauma through yoga & mindfulness to come to a place where I was medication free & have been since


I had a complete left knee rebuild in 2014 & swung back into trauma lens as I lost all sense of independence and the career that I had built was now in question.

I moved away from yoga & sunk in deep to old past stories, trauma & experiences that left me lost, alone & on the brink of a complete breakdown


Until a friend asked me to suggest a yoga studio. That conversation sparked my return to yoga 🙏


I became 200 YTT in 2015

I retired from social work in 2016 on my own terms

I opened up my own private practice merging my professional education in the social worker field with yoga, mindfulness & holistic healing


Enter PsychoPractitioner

10 years after landing in my first yoga class, I now am blessed to bring the healings & learnings I found on the mat to the military/first responder communities & those moving through trauma


I work extensively with hospitals, mental health hubs & directly with communities moving through adversity (and some goat yoga fun during the summer)


I once was told to go sit on my yoga mat & expect the world to come to me, at the time I took this as an offensive comment

Nothing could have been more truer & honest, the world that meets me on my mat is profound 🙏


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