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My name is Stephanie and this is my #Yogasavedmylife story 

After years of inconsistent practice it wasn't until after a late term pregnancy loss that I really learned the power of practice . My yoga journey began when I stumbled into a class for credit while in University. I had no idea that taking a class towards my graduation would change my life forever . After that pregnancy loss, my time on the mat became my therapy and I knew from that point on that this was so much more than just a physical pursuit. After my first teacher training my passion for the Ashtanga system was reignited . When I had my third baby, yoga became my escape. I developed a strong home practice following the Ashtanga tradition and that really worked well for me . As a tired mom I was able to step onto my mat and turn my mind off for a while. I recently travelled around the world with my family in tow and was able to study with my teacher in India for six weeks. Being at the source of the practice was incredible. For me it is all about the power of moving meditation and daily sadhana . Over the years, the way I teach has come more in line with the way I practice. More than anything I want others to see the benefit of a consistent yoga practice and the changes it can make in your life . I feel a deep connection to this community and the positive energy that radiates from the people within it. To me yoga is a twenty four hour a day practice. We must take the teachings off of the mat and into our lives. Learn to teach others through example and let go of the things in our world that do not serve us. I am so grateful to have yoga in my life 🙏 .


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