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"Ninety days before that second photo was taken I was in a very dark place"

Meet Rebecca Quintero, @becaq , sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤ . . "Anxiety & OCD had a very hard grip on me. I had just arrived from a visit back home to Venezuela & every molecule in my being ached, it was a dark and tight wound place. I looked at my boys Santiago & Julian sleeping in my bed & decided they needed better. Cesar, my husband, was far away & I didn't have my rock to help me weather the storm. So I turned my back on my meds, had a very rough night & the following morning I walked into a yoga studio . . My OCD brain set a goal of 90 consecutive days of yoga, to totally immerse myself & not be afraid. Afraid mostly of the internal, what I was trying so hard to bury down and not face . . That photo was taken on the day that goal was met! 90 days with no stopping, no matter what. My internal journey is far from over, but it led to a brand new chapter as I take a physical journey with all of my family, my motivation to conquer my moments of darkness . . The pose in the photo is Camatkarasana or better known as Wild Thing. I have always been a Wild Thing myself & this pose came naturally one day without ever have been instructed the transition into it. It was me & I was it. My heart is open towards the sky, giving & receiving compassion, empathy and love . Since that photo I have continued in my daily yoga practice & decided to go further. I became certified as a yoga teacher just over a year ago, aiming to help others who struggle with mental illness, physical disabilities & any other reason they feel that life is too hard . . I have a teaching background in preschool education and my eldest son is Aspergers. I have applied guided meditations, breath work & asana practice with children & have been witness to the healing powers of yoga . . Its now 2 years since I decided to leave anxiety meds aside & immerse myself in yoga in order to be the best parent possible for my children. Yoga has radically changed my life for the better . . My gratitude to yoga & my teachers is infinite ❤🙏 .


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