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"Self harm & suicide attempts at age 17. I'd started therapy at age 13"

Meet @patriciayogi sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "Having grown up rather quickly enduring early traumas, I found myself diagnosed with clinical depression and daily panic/anxiety attacks . I underwent a spinal scoliosis fusion surgery with fitted titanium rods each side of my spine at age 14. After this I wanted to move and feel genuine love towards myself and I knew it had to come from myself, not from validation from anyone else, but going to the gym, weightlifting or kick-boxing just didn’t do it for me. I was searching for something to connect with my spirituality . In 2011, yoga entered my life when I thought I’d try a yoga class and give it a go. Since then it’s been a stable and nurturing spiritual practice. It fully transformed my view on life, self-worth, the life journey we are on and the obstacles we meet . Yoga didn’t only change the view on myself and how to treat myself, but likewise how to treat others in a healthy and more genuine way . My yoga practice has been my salvation and given me my strength to live back. I can say this without any doubt. Each time I step onto the mat - even on some days when I feel I can’t - it gives me strength to live and I allow myself to take another step to be fully ALIVE . To accept myself 💚 To allow myself to be just as I am, where I am 🙏 . And to continue this lifelong journey of self discovery and deep healing . I believe we all search for something to connect with, where we feel accepted, loved, free and liberated. We often search for a deeper meaning to everything we experience and a way to handle and cope with what comes our way . The magic of yoga is that it incorporates so many aspects in one practice that it feels complete. Nothing else has to be added. And nothing else has to be removed . The movements, the breath, the body-mind connection and the deep spirituality within each practice is what makes yoga a practice that connects to millions of practitioners around the world - and it connected with me . For that I am beyond grateful.”


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