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"Trying-to-conceive has been one of the most trying aspects of my life"

Meet Heather sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . "Infertility is such a cruel cosmic joke, and I wasn't laughing. I wasn't living either; I was stuck, forever waiting. For another month, another appointment, another test, another ultrasound, another failure . For another person to ask me when we're having kids, to give me unsolicited and unintentionally insulting "advice", to leave me out of conversations at parties. I'd put my body through medicated hormonal hell, and I was so bitter and broken . Yoga helped me put myself back together. It started with the movement, the asanas . I'd spent a few thousand dollars on three failed IUIs and all I'd gotten out of it was stress-induced high blood pressure and this constant feeling of having a black hole right in the middle of my chest. I felt stuck, and yoga helped me move . Anxiety told me I couldn't breathe, and pranayama showed me I can.Our first failed IVF made me feel so horrible and angry that I felt like I had nothing left to say to God, so meditation taught me to listen. Yoga was my life raft when we lost our first and only pregnancy to date at 12 weeks . When I was drowning in grief, it helped me pull myself through one breath at a time. It reminded me to love this body, regardless of whether it ever grows another human. I've been trying for 6 years, and at the rate I'm going maybe I've got 6 more to go. But I'm not waiting anymore, not stuck; I'm present, I'm moving, I'm here. 🙏


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