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"Writing this right now my hands are shaking, sweating and my thoughts are all over the place"

Meet Amanda @namastonez sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤


"As far back as I can remember I’ve suffered from anxiety. Even sharing it now makes me shake. I suffer from agoraphobia. In high school I never fit in with anyone. All 4 years are a complete blur . . I came to Florida in 1997 and didn’t grow up with any of the kids here. Everyone had their groups of friends and I didn’t fit in to any of them. I sat in the bathroom during lunch time by myself. I would get intense stomach pains that forced me to go home early all the time. I was an average C student. I was smart, but hated public speaking so much that I would pretend I was sick, that I lost my voice and so many more ridiculous excuses so I wouldn’t have to stand up in front of class. Still don’t want to believe I “suffer” because that word makes me feel weak. My anxiety makes me feel weak . . But In 2014 I found Yoga and my world changed. Yoga lets me express myself and explore my creative side which I don’t realize I had. Yoga is literally magic for me. And I see how it is magic for others and that makes me love it so much more . . I still “suffer” everyday, every minute, every second. But I’m aware. That’s key for me. I don’t want agoraphobia to define me anymore so I continue to work on myself and BREATHING. Find what sets your soul on fire. Find what you live and breathe for and let that set you free. 💛


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