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"I’ve struggled with my mental health for over half my life"

Meet @yogibexy sharing her story with us. These are her words 🙏 . . "Bulimia was a constant companion for a decade, but after overcoming it with the help of therapists, I developed OCD. I’d had Bulimia since 12, & then age 22, I was free, but with no idea who I was. Without the constant distraction of food, I found myself alone, aside from the voice in my head. The world terrified me but nothing more so than myself . I’d obsess over the idea I wasn’t real, watching the world through frosted glass. I was an awful human, that despite desperately not wanting to, I'd hurt everyone I love. It’s hard to comprehend something so irrational if you’ve not experienced it, but for years, I was paralyzed by my thoughts. See-sawing between thinking my life was a dream & the idea that I was horrible & needed locking up . I ended up drinking every night to numb myself. I was in my early 20's, so my friends just thought I was the life of the party – but inside I was screaming. The next two years were a blur. I’d wake up, hungover, anxiety reeling, terrified of myself, & then I’d get drunk to drown it out . Age 24, at my lowest & considering how I could end it, I met my boyfriend. For whatever reason, he saw the real Bex & I saw a glimmer too. With his help I started to confront my demons & went back into therapy. Then, on my therapist’s suggestion, I tried yoga . It dispelled my entire belief system. There I was, disconnected from everything around me, believing I was worthless… And here this practice was, bringing me into the present moment, teaching me to look inside & see Love 💚 . After 6 months practicing, for the first time since childhood, I was going for days, weeks, months without periods of disorder. For the first time, aged 25, when I said I was happy, I meant it. I even started to love myself . I’m 26 now, & in the best place I’ve ever been. I just graduated from my 200hr YTT & one day want to train in yoga therapy. If I could help just one person learn to love what’s inside, everything will have been worth it. I’m not sure where I'd be without this practice: truly #yogasavedmylife 🙏


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