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Meet @garrett_carlson28 sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words 💚

"I'm an Army veteran with  PTSD, type II bipolar & severe anxiety. I served for seven years, with 3 deployments, mainly to the Middle East. Yoga has not only made me become more physically fit but also has helped control my mental issues as well

After the military and coming into civilian life I found it very hard as I went down a very long & dark path, I was on several medications & drinking a lot. Thoughts of Suicide crept into my mind as well as a close call one night.  My wife at the time wanted a divorce & it sent me over, which the  outcome was ultimately a divorce



After the divorce In January of 2018 I kept on a dark path, until Yoga Found its way into my life in late May & that has been a major game changer. Not only am I on no medications at all I focus everything through meditation & able to combat my PTSD & my anxiety along with my depression. I seldomly drink & don't have to rely on medications


I am also a proud Father to a son who I love, go to school full time majoring in Environmental science & wildlife & Fisheries at Texas A&M Universe, and also work for the Brazos valley blood center as a night driver.  I am also doing my 200 hr teacher training @yogapod  in College Station.


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