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Meet @georgiabrentyoga Sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤

"At 11 years old I started self-harming & it became my way of coping with my parent's divorce, depression, & life itself

Throughout my teens & early twenties, I’d been fighting against my self-destructive behaviour that seemed to be deeply ingrained in who I am. As I got older my mental health changed again & I took steps to end my life. I felt as though my existence was pointless . . "After a few good years of therapy & travel, I found myself as a young adult in a corporate job that I hated, & in a new city that I didn’t know; so I slipped back into a downward spiral. But I had made a promise to never let myself fall down again. I thought if life had gotten better before, it could happen again.  I read that yoga was good for mental health & although I wasn’t convinced, I was determined to find another way to cope. After six months of worrying about going to a class, I found the courage. I went to my first vinyasa flow class & my world changed . Practicing yoga made me realise that this self-destructive behaviour I often fell into wasn’t me. It was a habitual pattern I had developed over the years & that came to the surface when I felt out of touch with reality . .  Yoga helped me heal from years of mental turmoil & emotional abuse. I found out that the labels I had such as; 'depressed' & 'self-harmer', that had been slapped on me didn’t actually exist; & each & every day I could decide what labels I wore. Now I choose happiness, love, & acceptance. I love every inch of who I am from my lightening stripes across my thighs to my sassy attitude if I’m hangry . When I feel as though I’m not strong enough I remind myself that I have the tools to thrive. For the first time I have bodily awareness, I find solace in a meditative silence, & I’ve learnt to change my breath to calm my mind . I hope that others who feel like yoga maybe the answer find the courage to find a class, to find the right teacher & the right yoga tradition for them. Always know that your present situation is not forever & life can truly get better; you can get better . Georgia 📷


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