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"Meet @jengoodinewriter sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. ❤"Meet @jengoodinewriter sharing

"I've struggled with anxiety, PTSD & disordered eating my entire life. I used exercise to release the pent up emotion I'd locked away since childhood" . "An avid runner & classic type A personality, I was always on the move, barely ever mindful to notice the growing cracks in my foundation. I had no idea my life needed saving until illness forced me to slow down . . However, after the birth of my second child, I saw a huge decrease in vitality & constant health issues I had been dealing with became harder to ignore. After 4 years of doctors visits I learned I had a rare autoimmune disease of the liver. The treatment was (is) taxing on the body & I grew weak & thin. My running took an indefinite sabbatical & it was devastating, but I decided to fulfil a dream of enrolling in yoga teacher training. I'd been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years, but neglected the slower pace of the practice in order to run from what was ailing me . . I began my journey in 2013 & in that time, I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I had severe neurological deficits, chronic & debilitating fatigue, & withered to a shell of my former self. It was crushing to feel helpless managing daily tasks, to feel unable to care for my children: remanded to the couch for most of my day . . Solace was found on my yoga mat. My daily meditation, physical practice, study of yoga’s philosophy kept me strong & motivated. I was forced to be still. I could finally address the causes of my illness & lifelong pain. Running took me from my center out of fear of facing the truth. Yoga grounded me, gave me strength in body, mind & spirit. It’s been a long 5 years, but I'm discovering a new version of me that I love . . Throughout those 200 hrs of study, & growing number of hrs teaching, I uncovered a wisdom & strength I never knew I had. Instead of being sad over the loss of who I was, I'm beginning to embrace & appreciate who I am becoming. I'm still recovering from both illnesses, but I feel invigorated & inspired to share my journey with others, both on & off the mat, so they, too, feel supported by the healing power of yoga 🙏"


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