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Meet MH counselor Blair sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 

"First and foremost- I AM NOT ALONE. It took me a long time to realize that my struggle was not my own; that I am like 1 in 5 adults in the US suffering symptoms of a mental disorder #mentalhealthawarenessmonth . "Realizing that this collective body of beautiful people existed & that I could help them took a long time. First, I had to admit I wasn’t as strong as I thought; I had to experience the feelings I numbed & hid; I had to break down & share my worst, scariest, sickest thoughts . . Next, I went through the process of receiving counseling, alongside my journey to become licensed to provide those same services & ultimately teach people to help others. . . After 4 years of counseling, I gave myself a break. Although I had learned skills to manage symptoms, identify my feelings, & get help, without intentional practice & with major life changes a resurgence of symptoms returned & I was once again feeling alone, anxious, & depressed . . Then I started Yoga 🙏 . . I had no idea that Yoga for me would be about confronting hidden emotions, working through trauma & the yuckiness of finally loving myself & my flaws, & becoming more self-aware, introspective, meditative, serene, & mentally healthy. Had I known that, I honestly might not have shown up out of habit to numb & avoid. Yet, sitting in the studio listening to the instructor connect what I was thinking to what I was feeling & doing, I caught a glimpse of my counseling training . . What I found through consistent practice is that Yoga is the introduction course, the Mental Health 101 class, for awakening self-awareness & lessening the fear & approachability of self-explorative practices . . For those who practice, Yoga is the softening of the ego, the non-stigmatized means to reflective practice, the peak in the window to tranquility & self-acceptance, & the building of skills that serve for emotional management . . Yoga was the foot back in the door; it allowed me to continue my journey to maintain my health & save my life. Yoga continues to bring me peace every day ❤


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