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Meet our dear friend & teacher @shasha_crow sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. 

"I was born a mystic. Our society neither acknowledges or allows space for such a child. Instead children are controlled & moulded into someone far less impactful. I have decided to share after meeting Fierce Calm's @dannipomplun at their @gratitudefestivaluk. Meeting him was a really important moment for me. It prompted me & gave me courage" . "I was born into a religious family & I interpreted its spiritual aspects beyond the limitations dictated by the church. However, essential, beautiful parts of my being were suppressed, amputated & abused, energetically & physically. Being molested by elders progressed into the perpetuation of violation on myself through relationships, behaviours & mental attitudes. I was in conflict with myself, giving rise to chronic depression, co-dependant relationships & suicide . My son was just one year old & my marriage not much older when I attempted to take my own life. The quest to fulfil the expectations of every person & institution other than myself had eclipsed me almost completely. I failed, mercifully, through lack of planning. The only next step was to find the self I had lost, to heal & transform my collection of energies into a coherent whole . Yoga did not descend on me like a bolt from the blue. In fact it had already been there 7 years earlier in the shape of Mr Paul, my first yoga teacher. It arose in me as a gentle seductive force, coaxing me back into presence through self practice & mystic communion. It enabled me to end two more long term relationships once their learning was done. It taught me to carry heartbreak in communion with joy. It gives me access to communities who encourage & support personal growth . Yoga, for me, is the call of our eternal soul to express itself through this body to the benefit of all. It is sacred love-making with the Universe; a mystical union with our divine nature . All I ever wanted was to be one with God. Yoga gifts me a process of experiencing integration with that reality. It takes me home to myself - to LOVE 💚 .


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