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Meet @shhjustgowithit sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 🙏

"At the age of 21 I was raped in a foreign country. I didn’t tell anyone. Currently, only few people know about it" . "I always wanted to be perfect. As a teenager I had this idea that I had to be the best. I was never thinking about the present moment, but worrying about the future. I was pleasing everyone, disregarding my needs . I didn’t have time to love me, to connect with myself, I didn’t even know what “self-acceptance” was . After I was raped, I still kept “living” my Life the same way I had been doing before. The difference was that I struggled with perceiving my body as it was. I remember looking myself in the mirror & not being sure of what I was seeing. It was the weirdest sensation I have had in my entire life, & I had it for years . The fact that I couldn’t see myself externally forced me to work on myself, internally . I had just finished my degree in Psychology so I thought I had all of the tools. I became really interested in mindfulness & started my MSc in Neuroscience. That gave me a considerable knowledge on Consciousness, & I became more and more interested in diving deeper into the Being . Yet, it wasn’t until I studied Yoga that I was able to truly connect with myself. I saw that the fact that in the past I was trying to be a better person everyday was rooted in my ego. Now that I see the world through Yoga, I try to be more compassionate everyday towards everything that surrounds me, Nature, Animals, other Humans, as much as towards myself. I finally understood what Love is because I learned to accept myself as I am. I saw that I do not need to be “better” nor “push myself” but to simply accept me as I am. Yoga liberated me from "living" a self-centered life, and allowed me to LIVE a meaningful one. I am Love, I see Life throughout Love, and my daily intention is to share it . Yoga helped me connect with the only thing that is real, which is the Present Moment. I still don't know how I my body looks like but I am not concerned about it at all. I am here to serve the world by being Alive and treat everything with Love . Coloma 💚


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