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Meet @soulsmileyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

"I came to yoga through the lens of anxiety, an over active, over-thinking mind; a level of dissatisfaction with my life & a realisation of no true self love. Yoga saved my life, it helped bring me back home to my true self. It lovingly broke away the pain of identity that was limiting me & revealed the strength that was already within me" . "I didn't expect to find a passion for the practice as I was just trying to pull myself out of a hole of despair which meant I was desperate to try find anything that would bring me peace .

It's been a long time of ebbing & flowing, resisting & pushing trying to discover my joy & I have never been so full of love as I am in the present. The beautiful thing is this mind, body & soul practice assisted in developing the healthiest relationship with myself, so that love I feel everyday no longer has anything to do with anyone else, nor is it dependent on anything outside of me . Now I barely ever feel stressed, it's rare anxiety ever occurs & the joy I feel inside of me shines outwardly most days - not-all-days. This #mentalhealthawareness week it's important to remember, we all struggle at times. There's no shame in it or talking about it 💚 .

Yoga has so much to offer everyone, the benefits are vast & I will forever be grateful for it's part in helping to create a beautiful relationship with self & an unlimited frequency of self love that is inside of us all💛💙❤🧡💚💜🖤 Megan


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