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"A car accident in 2005 changed my life"

Thank you Stacey @karmabhaktiyoga for sharing her inspirational #yogasavedmylife story: overcoming serious injury to become a yoga teacher (yoga medicine, barre & fitness yoga). These are her words ❤

"I was always athletic growing up. I did triathlons, ran, played tennis, skiied & many other physical activities. After the crash, I was in pain but I pushed through until 2009, when I was walking with a cane & had a 3 year old son

I didn't want to live this way. I began to see Dr after Dr and finally in 2010 I had a discectomy. 10 months later I had another. I then had surgery on a torn supraspinatus in my right shoulder. I also had a torn supraspinatus and labrum in my left shoulder that also need surgery. After so many procedures I was on Fentanyl & very depressed

I thought I would never have an opportunity to walk with my son or come off the strong pain medication. After about 2 1/2 months I knew things had to change. I started to slowly lower my pain medications down to a smaller dose & started doing gentle yoga on @yogaglo by @tiffanycruikshank . At that time I couldn't even sit straight. I worked every day, practicing in between Dr's appointments, physical therapy & my pain management. I began to strengthen the muscles around my bones and areas where I'd had surgery. It took a while but I never gave up. I practiced yoga & slowly began to achieve my own goals and I try now to live life as fully as I can. I had to give up many activities that only brought me pain afterwards, but I gained so much. I am physically strong now and mentally much stronger than I was. I work each day to be the best version of myself that I can Some days the pain wins. I still have chronic pain, but I chose not to live in my pain, but serve others in pain. Yoga is what helped me get strong both physically and mentally 🙏 Yoga has always been there like an old friend. I must now give back to others in pain. I am 51 & can do things that many healthy, younger people cannot. I try not to look at my accident with resentment, but see all that it has taught me. I believe its all in how we perceive our life journey"


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