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Meet Amanda @notyourtypicalyogini This is her #yogasavedmylife story. These are her words 💚

"Severe anxiety & frequent, constant panic attacks meant I couldn't even leave the house. Then Yoga opened every door " . . "At the beginning of December 2012, I was a junior on a full scholarship at Barnard College in NYC. I was part of a sorority that I adored. And I had some pretty great plans for the future . . Fast forward 3 weeks. I was back home in Illinois to celebrate the holidays with family, except that the celebration quickly turned to mourning when my dad unexpectedly died at the age of 56. In a state of complete disbelief and heartbreak, I dropped out of college and moved home permanently . . Over the next few years I began to develop severe anxiety and constant panic attacks. I pushed away all of my friends and didn't want to leave the house. Social events became terrifying and my relationships were suffering . . In comes yoga. I decided to take a class at the gym I had recently joined. From the moment I stepped on the mat, I loved it. It was the first hour in a long time that my mind wasn't racing. I wasn't thinking/worrying/rumimating about ANYTHING. I was completely focused on my breath and doing the poses. I kept going to class. I developed a home practice. I finished school. I got married. I went back to school to get my masters degree. YOGA SAVED MY LIFE . . Last September I started my Yoga teacher training so I can combine my masters in counseling with the power of yoga to someday help the millions of other people suffering from mental illnesses all too alone . . And people think yoga is just stretching. 😉"


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