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Meet @daniquehanson_ sharing her yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"There are two voices that exist inside my head - one is the voice of my normal, rational, intelligent, healthy self; the other, the voice of a very sick, sad & mean little girl" "Coming from a background in Gymnastics, I first began practicing Yoga to stay connected to my love of strong, flexible body movement. The more I embraced a Yoga lifestyle, the more I experienced the overwhelming benefits it offered mind, body & spirit . My practice helped me to overcome a long term struggle with anxiety and body image issues, as well as allowing me to feel more connected to the world around me. From this grew a great desire to share Yoga with others, so I made the decision to leave my decade long career as a Bookkeeper to pursue this passion . I currently have an injury to my foot. This has meant I’ve had to take some time off teaching, as well as not exercising or moving as I normally would, & a lot of time at home, to rest my foot as much as possible. . Injury is one of the things that is always quite triggering for me in terms of my history with disordered eating. I know when I’m moving my body & being active, it’s easy for me to feel good both mentally & physically but when that’s taken away things start to feel more challenging. . On my journey of recovery over the years, I have learnt to not listen to & often not even give a voice to that sick, sad little girl. A lot of the time that is easy for me now, but sometimes it is more of a challenge. In the times that this voices starts to grow a little louder, I have to work even harder to listen to the voice that I know is rational & real . I feel more anxious about silly things, I have to be more self aware & keep checking in with myself about what is true & what is not. And honestly, sometimes it is fucking exhausting inside my head . This is a reminder that healing is not linear, & there is no finish line. We have to keep doing the work. If you’re doing the work - I’m SO proud of you, because this shit is HARD! And you are not alone 💚 Danique x . . . 📸 @marceauphotography for @lululemonausnz


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