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Meet @kinyogi sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚Meet @kinyogi sharin

"You will never walk the same again, you will have chronic pain for the rest of your life, you cannot do anything athletic anymore” -were the encouraging words my doctor said to me at age 18 after I developing two herniated discs & a desicated disc in my lower spine" . . "Coming from an athletic background, I felt crushed, depressed, considering the grim outlook . This was when I began a light yoga practice at home, slowly learning what would help my injury & what would worsen my condition. I didn’t go to classes as I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up, a lesson that still informs my teaching today . Through my home practice & experimentation, I began to develop a newfound strength in my body. This strength developed alongside a new belief system that no injury is impossible to overcome. We have the capacity to, slowly & with patience, build the strength & body awareness to remain active even with so-called debilitating injury . This hope is what freed me from depression, it was the lack of hope that caused me to feel depressed. What was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, taught me the most & made me who I am today 🙏 . I am grateful for this challenge & at yoga for saving my body, calming my mind, freeing me from depression, & giving me purpose. I don’t know who I am today without yoga in my life, it is woven so deeply into who I am, & into my daily life . 15 years later, I have a Psychotherapy and Nutritional Counselling practice that is highly informed by my experience. I work with people to tackle these feelings of hopelessness, so that people can first believe they can live their highest potential. Because without hope & belief, we have already failed. In sessions, I utilize cognitive behavioural therapy to challenge & redesign limiting belief structures. I also offer people small, home movement sequences, a sequence I develop specifically to give their body what it needs for optimal health . (With my new office in Kitsilano, I am offering a free 30 minute consultation as well as 50% off when 5 sessions are booked! .


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