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Tamsin Chubb @littlefrenchretreat agreed to tell her yoga transformation story

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Tamsin Chubb @littlefrenchretreat agreed to tell her yoga transformation story because 'If sharing helps just one person struggling with anxiety or depression then that's incredible.'

Tamsin Chubb runs a Yoga and ayurvedic food retreat in France voted by the Telegraph as one of the best retreats 2017

The face in the picture above is of a very vulnerable, anxious young woman. Me at 23 just before my world imploded. . It should have been a happy moment celebrating my ceramics graduation with my mum. But I remember having to keep disappearing to the toilets to breathe from hyperventilating. It was three years after my dad had suddenly died of a malignant melanoma and I was still in shock suffering from post traumatic stress and without a clue how to deal with my emotions. .

About a month after this picture I had a nervous breakdown and soon after began yoga. . Thank God for yoga! I can honestly say I felt like it saved me. Learning to breathe and get through the anxiety was the first step forward. Bereavement does not get 'better' after a year as some people kept saying to me, it takes time to nurture a broken heart and to accept a whole new world.

It does get easier, just different. When I look back now I can appreciate how the experience of loosing both my parents when I was fairly young has set me on my path, with a desire to connect and understand what it means to live a life well and overcome anxiety and all the other feelings from losing those you love


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