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Without a doubt, yoga saved my life!

"If it wasn’t for that one simple decision to go out of my comfort level and try yoga, to be honest I wouldn’t be alive today" . Meet @thisisnames, he's doing his teacher training  right now and agreed to share his powerful #yogasavedmylife Story with us. We're so glad he did. We'd love you to share yours! These are his words🙏 . "When I was 20 I had a serious car accident resulting in me shattering my legs, with many other broken and fractured bones, traumatic brain injury, you name it. From this you can imagine at that age, having been a highly active boy, now reduced to very little mobility, that and with the pain, and no one around me understanding how I’d felt: kind of messed with my head, a lot!. . Besides the broken bones the trauma etc I decided to take legal action which in itself was more mentally stressful and caused more pain than the accident itself; with PTSD, physical pain and the loneliness that comes with not a single soul understanding your situation, there comes addiction. For years I struggled with the torments substance, physical and mental pain had thrown at me. The pain got so bad I could barely get out of bed, so I’d drink more, do more drugs, hide from society even deeper into my mind. I got fed up. I needed relief. Either that or death: those were my options Many had suggested I try yoga. I wouldn’t have it, I didn’t want people to see me as a guy in tights doing gymnastics. But, after it became the only option left, I gave it a try. . . Let’s put it this way. I’m mobile, I’m happy, I’m sober, healthy. I’m alive! Without a doubt,  yoga saved my life! I can’t be any more grateful for that."


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