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"I used to think for a long time that I was broken. I also used to think that it needed someone really special to love me because I was a certain kinda broken person. I was full-on walking down insecurity lane. What made me feel like this? Let's see, I was too skinny, I wasn't sexy enough, I wasn't cool enough, I didn't fit in with the rest of the people, I, I, I, you name it and I had some dumb bullshit story in my head . .⁠ Now, at 35, I am finally feeling a little more in my skin (cue the racy pics in my undies everyone was so curious about). But how did I get here? How did I get beyond the insecurities? Simple, I practiced. My practice has consisted of a ton of journaling and meditating. And naturally comes the contemplation. So much has come up over the last year and mainly it was just a hurt side of me that needed to be listened to . My insecurities of not feeling like I am enough stemmed from being so discontented to myself. But when I was able to sit down and listen to the message was loud and clear "Everything you need is inside of you". The thing is you don't know that until you get there. Think Dorothy... She went down that road, met all those characters, only to realize at the end everything she needed was home and she could go there anytime she wanted (if only it were that simple). Now, let's be real I still have insecurities. But my relationship with them has changed. It's the awareness of the practice that brings me closer to those bits of me . .⁠ Click your heels, my friends. There's no place like home, and there are no ones as perfect, as enough, as beautiful as you 💚 .


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