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I fell in love with the practice, the movements, the sanctuary that became available to me.

"Yoga became the marker of a ‘beforeʼ and ‘afterʼ in my life. A rebirth. A new perspective. A new day, every single day on my mat" . This is the wonderful @kiarakober who has shared her #yogasavedmylife story with us to inspire others. These are her words:❤ . "I got into yoga by accident. But at just the right time I saw some crazy  pose on Instagram and had to attempt it. I fell down the rabbit hole and here I am nearly 3 years later . . I failed at first, and fell a lot,  but I can now do that pose which started my journey.. and have grown so much more . I fell in love with the practice, the movements, the sanctuary that became available to me. It became an escape. Completely transformative . . I found yoga at a challenging time in my life.  It ultimately led me to end a long term, destructive relationship. It gave me the strength to end the relationship which was unhealthy, draining, & dangerous ..Emotionally ..Mentally ..Sexually ..Physically . One that was no longer having a positive impact on my life. One that was compromising to my integrity, safety, and overall self-worth Yoga forced me to ask the tough questions: What I wanted What I deserved Who I wanted to be . It made me ask myself what was healthy..physically, emotionally, psychologically. for my soul & being. It made me ask how I wanted to move beyond it all. How I wanted to live. The energy I wanted to present. ..For others. ..For myself, the energy within myself. Yoga helped me to come to terms with that and to find the answers . . Itʼs been there for me ever since. A creative outlet. A place to be myself. A place to turn in hardship, Sadness, Joy . Yoga comes in so many shapes & sizes.  Iʼve played, fumbled, and self-taught the practice you see today. The physical Asana can be challenging and rewarding. But is not what matters most . Whether itʼs 10 minutes on my mat or 2 hours. It grounds me. It allows me a few moments to re-center and focus on whatʼs important to me. Allowing a few moments of mindfulness, meditation, movement, breath Yoga saved my life Yesterday Today


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